Курсы иностранных языков (Винница) — Тест

Английский online test

1. I ... a student.
A is
B am
C are
D be

2. He ... like me.
A no
B doesn't
C not
D don't

3. ... some books on the table.
A There aren't
B There is
C There are
D There isn't

4. "What are you doing now?" "I ... English".
A is
B study
C studying
D am studying

5. Where ... yesterday?
A did you go
B went you
C you go
D you went

6. John is good at tennis but Richard is ...
A good
B badly
C better
D well

7. Mary ... that film.
A seen already
B already seen
C has already seen
D have already seen

8. I ... for two hours.
A am working
B work
C have been working
D working

9. I ... go to the cinema but I don't any more.
A used to
B did use
C used
D use

10. I went to the doctor's yesterday and I ... for half an hour.
A must wait
B had to wait
C had wait
D should wait

11. I ... television last night when my friend rang.
A have been watching
B watched
C have watched
D was watching

12. There was a robbery at the bank last night and all the money ...
A is stolen
B has stolen
C was stolen
D was being stolen

13. If I were you ... to a doctor.
A I went
B I'll go
C I go
D I'd go

14. She liked the film ...?
A isn't it
B didn't she
C won't she
D doesn't she

15. I ... go to Spain next year.
A would like
B like
C like to
D would like to

16. If he ... the car immediately the accident wouldn't have happened.
A stopped
B had stopped
C would stop
D would have stopped

17. By next year he ... his exams.
A had passed
B will pass
C will have passed
D has passed

18. Would you mind ... me five dollars.
A to lend
B lending
C lent
D going to lend

19. I'm looking forward ... you again.
A to see
B seeing
C to seeing
D of seeing

20. In spite of ... late she caught the bus.
A she was
B her
C she's
D being

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